Diabetes Care

Lein is applying a proven, non-invasive optical measurement principle in a novel way to measure the amount of glucose in the eye. From this measurement, the amount of glucose in the blood can be derived.


By combining expertise in diabetes, ophthalmology and medical devices, we are developing the technology to produce a non-invasive glucose meter for point of care testing. The meter will be hand-held, portable and about the size of a mobile phone. The device will be held up to the eye in order to take a reading.


Lein now has three granted patents in this area and four more pending covering the measurement procedure, the alignment to the eye and the scanning technology.



Lein has produced a number of prototypes to evaluate the efficacy and specificity of the measurement principle in clinical trials. The most recent example was used in a successful clinical trial at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in which 30 volunteers with Type 2 diabetes were measured to evaluate the correlation between changes in their eye and their blood glucose level.


Clinical Trials

Lein has collected a significant amount of data in clinical trials in conjunction with the Royal Berkshire Hospital and the University of Reading. The most recent study, performed in conjunction with the University of Reading’s Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, tested 5 volunteers with Type 1 diabetes in a very detailed study with over 300 data points being collected from each person. Working in conjunction with data processing experts, including those at Oxford and Aston Universities, Lein is now building the mathematical algorithm that will take the eye data and provide a measure of the person’s glucose level.


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