Lein’s non-contact technology is applicable to a number of metrology applications, including;


Distance and Position

Our patent application (US 2011/0291743) enables improved positional accuracy and speed of measurement by directly linking an optical measurement with its position. This link is achieved by “clocking” the optical measurement from a position encoder ( Measurements to sub-micron precision may be made at high speed (over 1 Megasamples per second, 16 Msps possible) using low cost electronics and motion solutions.



Lein’s confocal systems excel at making thickness measurements where other approaches fall down. Examples include corneal thickness, artificial collagen and contact lenses. The properties of confocal optics allow measurements of objects with very similar refractive indices to their surroundings, such as contact lenses in saline. Measurements may also be made of inhomogeneous materials, moving or vibrating objects. Statistical analysis of the confocal response across multiple measurements enables significant improvements in signal to noise. Products are capable of scanning materials up to 8 mm and down to 30 microns in thickness, all with sub-micron precision.


Refractive Power

The refractive power of lenses can be accurately measured using a simple confocal system. We have shown that sphere, cylinder and axis of a test lens can be measured with high precision and accuracy. With appropriate optical design, astigmatic, bifocal and multifocal lenses may all be measured.


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